Calcium Ascorbate,Vitamin C Calcium(Ca VC)

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【Application】Vitamin C Calcium compounds as calcium and vitamin C, widely used in Heath supplements, Soup and soup-type foods.

【Main Producer】 Now Foods/ DSM/Yixing Jiangshan

【CAS No.】:5743-27-1

【E No.】: E302

【HS Code】:2936270

Calcium Ascorbate could be added in soup and soup-type foods and supply the calcium without changing the original taste of food and losing physical activity of VC. , deeply knowledge on the  Calcium Ascorbate market, will enable us always offer you competitive price. If you are looking for Calcium Ascorbate, don’t hesitate to Email us.

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Calcium Ascorbate is Vitamin C fully reacted to calcium, providing a buffered, non-acidic form of ascorbic acid. Calcium Ascorbate is a vital product of our food additives and food ingredients.

Items Standards
Appearance White to slightly yellow
Identification Positive
Assay  99.0 - 101.0%
Specific optical rotation +103° -+106°
Clarity of solution Clear
pH (10%, W/V ) 7.0 - 8.0
Loss on drying % 0.25  Max
Sulphate (mg/kg) % 150  Max
Total heavy metals % 0.001  Max
Lead % 0.0002  Max
Arsenic % 0.0003  Max
Mercury  % 0.0001  Max
Zinc % 0.0025  Max
Copper % 0.0005  Max
Residual Solvents (as Menthanol) % 0.3  Max
Total plate count (cfu/g) 1000  Max
Yeasts & molds (cuf/g) 100  Max
E.coli/ g Negative
Salmonella/ 25g Negative
Staphylococcus aureus/ 25g Negative

【Introduction】  Ascorbate calciumis largely used in heath supplements products. Calcium ascorbate market, attributed to rapidly rising demand for food and beverages industry and high demand for nutraceuticals across the globe on vitamin C. This, in turn, resulted in driving the growth of global calcium ascorbate market

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