Why the price of ascorbic acid 200/325 mesh, is much expensive than 100 mesh?

Ascorbic acid,  mesh size are:  granule, 40-80,  100 , 200, 325 . Production cost is different.

Original ascorbic acid  mesh size  is 40-80 mesh,  very few around 100 mesh. 

100 mesh ascorbic acid is screen from normal mesh(by sieve), output rate is low

200/325 mesh ascorbic acid fine powder, production tech is not screening method, it is airflowbroken method, inert gas being used in case of any  oxidation during the process. Cost is highly increased, about usd 1.5-2/kgs higher.   Fine powder acorbic acid main application is for cosmetics.

Ascorbic acid granule production tech is original acorbic acid added with cellulose, main application is health products.


Post time: Sep-05-2018
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