Inositol supply situation in Nov.2018

Inositol is widely distributed in animals and plants. It is a growth factor of animals and microorganisms. Inositol was first isolated from myocardium and liver.
Our Inositol is a water-soluble vitamin B complex extracted from corn, also known as cyclohexanol, which has a white crystal powder appearance.

Main three inositol manufacturer:

Zhucheng Haotian,   4000mt/year
Hebei Yuwei,            3000mt/year
Zouping Xiwang.      3000mt/year

Inositol main application:
Food&Beverage–Energy drinks
Feed–Fish(Salmon) feed and other feed
Pharma–as vitamin B group suppliment

From end of October, Inositol price have doubled, from USD 4/kg to USD 8/kgs, and rising every day, because goods is heavy lacking in the market.
We predict this situation will be last for 1-2 month.

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Inositol-Toption Ingredients

Post time: Nov-08-2018
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