Price Trend of Vitamin C E300, Sep 2018

Lastly, the market of Vitamin C is stable and a little downtrend.  And moment, the market price of Vitamin C is USD 4.2/kg.

Raw Materials pricePrices of raw material are stable.

Market demand and supply :  Supply, in Aug, Sep, some factories stop for maintenance production line, just resume production, supply is in abundance.   As for demand, conventionally, Sep and Oct many buyers will stock goods for Christmas holiday.

Other factor:  Since Sep 15th, the tax refund of Vitamin C will rise 3%, so will the price expect to bring down the price.

Market Forecast:  Overall consideration , price of Vitamin C E300 will be stable and go downtrend in the coming months.

To make customers well understand the current market and the following market trend, we always update the market situation, the supply & demand and price monthly.  Pls inquiry on us by Email:


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Post time: Sep-12-2018
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