Who Can Supply European certificate CEP standard Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C?

CEP/COS –Certification of Suitability to Monograph of European Pharmacopoeia.

It is a certification issued by EDQM, highest stardard of pharma ingredients or excipients.

There are several manufactures in China who can produce Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, which can meet EP/USP standard.

Vitamin B1  main manufacture:  DSM,  Hubei Zhonghua Pharma,  Jiangxi Tianxin, Zhejiang Brother

Vitamin B6 main manufacture: DSM, Hubei  Zhonghua Pharma, Jiangxi Tianxin, Shanghai Hegno

Vitamin C main Manufacture: DSM, Luwei, Tianli, Weisheng, Northeast..

But for European certificate CEP,  only DSM(VB1, VB2, Vit C),  Jiangxi Tianxi ( Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6) ,  CSPS (Vitamin C).

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Post time: Oct-25-2018
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