Vitamin E D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate

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【Application】Vitamin E D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate for fortification of oils and fats, and for liquid pharmaceutical preparations such as soft capsules.

【Main Producer】 DSM, ADM, Zhejiang Medicine (ZMC),Brenntag

【Type】: Liquid

【Compendia】:FCC*; USP*; Ph. Eur.*; IP; Non-GMO; Low PAH

【E No.】: 308

【HS Code】:29362800

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Vitamin E has several important functions;

Help maintain cell structure by protecting cell membranes.

it is an antioxidant that helps slow down processes that damage cells


The health benefits from vitamin E are:


Help to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels

used for the prevention of cancer

Help to reduce high blood pressure

used to prevent certain skin disorders

Help with Arthritis

Appearance White or whitelike powder
Assay >=50%
Loss on Drying =<5.0%
Seive Analysis >=90% through No. 20 (US)
Heavy Metal =<10mg/kg
Arsenic =<2mg/kg
Pb =<2mg/kg
Cadmium =<2mg/kg
Mercury =<2mg/kg

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