Sodium Erythorbate

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【Application】Sodium Erythorbate (Na VC) Sodium Erythorbate powder, with E number E316, food antioxidant, widely used in meats, poultry, and soft drinks.

【Main Producer】 Baisheng/ PARCHN 

【CAS No.】:6381-77-7

【E No.】: E316

【HS Code】:293220

Sodium Erythorbate is a food additive used in poultry, meat, and beverages, deeply knowledge on the Vitamin C market, and stock up containers accord with the market change will enable us always offer you competitive price, and could source many brands you preferred. If you are looking for Sodium Erythorbate), don’t hesitate to Email us.

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Sodium erythorbate is widely used in  processing to maintain flavor and prevent secondary fermentation. It retains the original flavor of the Beverages.

Items Standards
Description White, crystalline powder
Assay (%) 98.0 ~ 100.5
Loss on drying (%) 0.25 Max
Specific Rotation +95.5°~ +98.0°
Oxalate Passes Test
PH Value 5.5~8.0
Heavy Metals (as Pb) (mg/kg) 10 Max
Lead(mg/kg) 2 Max
Arsenic(mg/kg) 3 Max
Mercury(mg/kg) 1 Max
Clarity Passes test

【Introduction】  Sodium erythorbate is used as food preservatives. Sodium erythorbate market has increased since the U.S. FDA has banned the use of sulfites as a food preservative. Sodium erythorbate is considered as an important ingredient in the food preservative industry as it can keep food color and natural flavor, extend the shelf life, and have no side effects.

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