Vitamins, Vitamin A , Vitamin B5 calcium pantothenate, price tendency 2019. Nov

Vitamin , s Vitamin A , Vitamin B5 calcium pantothenate,  price tendency 2019. Nov

- Vitamin A        
DSM Switzerland stop 3 month due to polution problem; BASF meet certain quanlity problem of LutavitA and stop production until Nov. 11st 2019, expect resume by the end of year.   The market in Q4 are expect keep rising. The Euro p.rice is EURO 85-90/.KG for VA 1000. China source is USD 80/.KG.
- Vitamin B5 calcium pantothenate 
The main producer Xinfu restrict the output to warm up the ho.t season in Sep/Oct, BASF delivery is abnormal until Oct.
The market is keep rising, market p.rice is USD 46/.KG.   There are new players Jingjing, Anhui Huaheng, Anhui Tiger also enter the market, will affect the market, but can't bring too big impact on the market, due to Xinfu, Xinfa, DSM, BASF hold strong position in the market.
- Vitamin B 1,6   
Impacted by the incident of Yancheng chemical plant explosion, Government still  proceed strictly safety inspection,  Tianxin are stop production for summer overhaul untill end of Sep. Brother still stop production, p.rice rised a little.   Vitamin B1 HCL USD 37-38/.KG, Vitamin B1 Mono USD 23-24/.KG , Vitamin B6 USD 24/ .KG.
- Vitamin E
There are 4 monopoly players, DSM, BASF, ZMC, NHU in the market, after DSM have acquired Nenter (ST Guanfu) 75%  shareholding.
Nenter are planning to stop production to upgrade production line in Sep. push the market up, vitamin 50% Euro 4.8-6.0/.KG, is keep rising.   Vitamin E 98% oil market is stable.
- Vitamin C
Oversupply situation, globle demand is 0.12-0.13 million/year mt, but the China capacity is 0.16 million mt/year.
The market price stable at USD 2.6/.KG.

Post time: Oct-30-2019
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