NON-GMO Rice protein, vegetarian protein concentrate food grade natural brown rice protein

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【Ариза】протеини Райс сафедаи гиёҳхорон ҷудошуда аз 100% ғайридавлатӣ GMO биринҷ тамоми ғалладона, моҳият powdery, ки аз тарафи коркарди pulverization, purfication ва хушк ташкил аст, мебошад. Райс хокаи протеини, таркиби кислотаи аминокислотаҳо он бештар наздик ба шакли ТУТ аст, ки он ба осонӣ digestible

Протеини Райс ягона сафеда ғалла, ки чӣ лозим нест ба кор таҷрибаи аз allergen аст. Non-allergen, осонии digestibility, Пурра протеин табиї дар байни ҳамаи дона ғалладона, Хуб-мувозӣ намуди кислотаи аминокислотаҳо, Gluten ва арзиши биологии олии ройгон-лактоза. Протеини Райс як навъ протеини ниҳол беҳтарин аст.

【Form】: хокаи

【СКК, №】: 94350-05-7

【HS Кодекси】: 35040090

Дониши амиқ оид ба  протеини Райс бозор имкон моро бо нархи рақобат ва моли босифат манбаъ. Агар шумо ҷустуҷӯ барои  протеини Райс, ҳеҷ шарм барои фиристодани Ба мо нависед.

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Rice protein is an ideal plant based protein source to meet everything consumers want and more. our rice protein is here to meet the growing demand

for vegan, non-gmo, hypoallergenic and easily deogestible protein. it can be an ideal protein source to substitute those from diary, whey, eggs, soy

or nuts.

The first allergen-friendly organic protein source from the raw rice, available in 80% - 90% protein levels. Providing all essential amino acids, this

product is being used in food grade products as both a replacement for and in conjunction with soy protein and whey protein etc.

It can also be blended with Pea Protein which has a complimentary amino acid profile.


Who is протеини Райс Concentrate Suitable for?

протеини Райс is the ideal protein choice for anyone looking to increase daily protein intake but avoid dairy and soy protein sources or for vegans and

anyone looking to avoid specific allergens such as wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy and soy.The dietary choices of all our customers are extremely important

to us. It is suitable for the vegan diet.


• Non-GMO  • Gluten-free  • Low sodium

• Vegan/vegetarian • Can help with satiety • Allergen-friendly

• Ease of digestibility at all ages • Naturally cholesterol-free

• Building muscles and aiding exerciserecovery   • Highest quality protein among all Cereal grains



• Allergen-friendly Formulations

• Baked Goods-gluten-free products, cereals, pastas, bars (protein, weight control, snack, energy)

• Beverages-smoothies, powdered drink mixes, dairy

• Confectionery

• Cosmetics-oil free facial products

• Dietetic-weight control

• Nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals-therapeutics, detox products

• Protein substitution-soy, whey, wheat, casein, animal proteins

• Sports nutrition-bars, beverages, protein supplements, body building formulas in conjunction with or as a replacement for whey and soy



Мизи Мушаххасоти протеини Райс

пайдоиш Хока аз нашавед зард, unifority andrelex, ҳеҷ agglomeration ё mildew, ҳеҷ масъалаҳои беруна бо чашми бараҳна
маводи сафеда (%, дар асоси хушк) N * 6,25 ≥80
маводи моеъ (%) ≤8.0
маводи Ash (%, дар асоси хушк) ≤5.0
равғаннокии (%, дар асоси хушк) ≤8.0 
Арсен (чнм) ≤0.5
Ба ӯҳда (чнм) ≤0.4
Меркурий (чнм) ≤0.2
Ътадилкунанда (чнм) ≤0.4
Ҳисобкунии умумии судї (cfu / ж) ≤5000
Coliforms (MPN / 100g) ≤30
Штампу ва хамиртуруши (cfu / ж) ≤25
E.Coil манфӣ
Enterobacteriaceae манфӣ
bacterium патогенӣ (cfu / 25g) манфӣ

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