14-3018 – 60,30-60 mesh etc

CAS NO. 149-32-6


The sweetness of erythritol is low, the sweetness of erythritol is only 60%-70% of sucrose, the entrance has a cool taste, the taste is pure, and there is no post-bitterness. It can be used in combination with high-intensity sweeteners to inhibit its Undesirable flavors of high-intensity sweeteners. Erythritol has high stability, is very stable to acid and heat, and has high acid and alkali resistance. It will not decompose and change at temperatures below 200 °C, and will not undergo Maillard reaction to cause discoloration.


Erythritol is a sweetener (polyol) manufactured by fermentation of glucose, the glucose-rich substrate being obtained by the enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. it is 60–70% as sweet as sugar, has excellent heat and acid stability, a high digestive tolerance, and a caloric value of 0.2 kcal/g. it is the only polyol produced by fermentation. it can be used as a sugar replacement in confectioneries, beverages, and desserts.

Non-cariogenic, low-calorie (0.4 kcal/g) sweetener.

Non-nutritive sweetener in beverages.


Erythritol has very good thermal and chemical stability. It is nonhygroscopic, and at 25°C does not significantly absorb additional water up to a relative humidity (RH) of more than 80%. Erythritol resists decomposition both in acidic and alkaline media and remains stable for prolonged periods at pH 2–10.(10) When stored for up to 4 years in ambient conditions (20°C, 50% RH) erythritol has been shown to be stable.

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