CSPC luwei raw material Vitamin C or USP ascorbic acid

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【Application】Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) play an important role in food/pharm industry, widely used in Food, Beverage, Confectionery, Butter.

【Main Producer】 CSPC/Luwei/DSM Jiangshan/Tianli/Northeast/Henan Lvyuan/Ningxia Qiyuan/Tuoyang

【CAS No.】:50-81-7

【E No.】: E300

【HS Code】:29362700

Ascorbic acid demand all over the world is 120,000 MT/ year, 90% capacity is in China,

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What is Ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic acid the biological activity of ascorbic acid compounds known, is a water-soluble vitamins, fruits and vegetables are abundant. In redox reactions regulate the metabolism of the lack of it can cause scurv. Ascorbic acid is widely used in different fields, is a bulk ingredients,naturally present in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement.

The Top 9 Foods Highest in Vitamin C

90mg of Vitamin C =100% of the Daily Value(%DV)


We specialized in supplying stable series product of Ascorbic Acid


Item Type
Ascorbic acid 80/100/200/325 mesh
Coated ascorbic acid 90%/93%/95%/97%/99%
Ascorbic acid granule Ascorbic acid DC
Sodium ascorbate  
Sodium ascorbate granule Sodium ascorbate DC granule 99%
Calcium ascorbate  
Calcium ascorbate granule Calcium ascorbate DC granule 97%


Specification of Ascorbic acid

Appearance White or  almost  white crystal  or  crystalline powder
Identification   Positive
Melting point  191 ℃  ~  192℃ 
pH (5%,  w/v)   2.2 ~   2.5 
pH (2%,w/v)   2.4 ~   2.8 
Specific optical  rotation  +20.5°  ~  +21.5°  
Clarity  of  solution Clear 
Heavy metals =<0.0003% 
Assay (as C 6H 8O6, %)  99.0  ~  100.5 
Copper =<3 mg/kg
Iron =<2 mg/kg
Mercury =<1 mg/kg 
Arsenic =<2 mg/kg 
Lead =<2 mg/kg
Oxalic acid =<0.2%
Loss   on drying =<0.1%
Sulphated ash =< 0.1%
Residual solvents (as methanol) =< 500  mg/kg 
Total  plate count (cfu/g) =< 1000
Yeasts  & molds (cfu/g) =< 100  
Escherichia.  Coli/g  Absence 
Salmonella/  25g  Absence 
Staphylococcus aureus/ 25g  Absence 



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