Vitamin A Palmitate 250 cold water soluble (Vegetarian)

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【Application】Vitamin A Palmitate 250 CWS powder widely used for fortification of dry food products such as flour, dry milk, beverage powders and waterbased foods.

【Main Producer】 DSM, BASF, Zhejiang NHU, Adisseo, Zhejiang Medicine, Kingdomway

【Form】: Power

【CAS No.】:79-81-2

【E No.】: 302

【HS Code】:29362100 

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Two forms of vitamin A are available in the human diet: preformed vitamin A (retinol and its esterified form, retinyl ester) and provitamin A carotenoids.


● Increased protection from bacterial and viral infections

● Proper immunity fuctioning

● Cancer protection

Specification of  (Acetate & Palmitate)

Items       Specification
Description Slightly yellow solid or yellow oily liquid, EP
Identification A: Thin-Layer Chromatographic B: Related substance C: Color reaction  To conform, EPTo conform, EPTo conform, EP
Related substance ratios A300/A326 A350/A326 A370/A326  ≤ 0.60, EP≤ 0.54, EP≤ 0.14, EP
Retinol ≤ 1.0% , EP ( or HPLC)
Acid Value ≤ 2.0% , EP
Peroxide value ≤10.0, EP
Heavy metals ( as pb) ≤ 5 mg/kg, CP
Arsenic ≤ 1 mg/kg, CP
Microbiological tests  Total bacteria count  Total mold& yeast count  Coliforms  Salmonella  ≤ 1000 cfu/g, GB/T 4789≤ 100 cfu/g, GB/T 4789Less than 30 mpn 100G, GB/T 4789n.d /10g, SNO332
Assay ≥1,700,000 IU/g, EP  

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