Vitamin B5(D-Calcium Pantothenate)

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【Application】Food production, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agriculture/animal feed.

【Other NameD-Calcium Pantothenate, D-Pantothenic Acid

【CAS No.】:137-08-6

【Main Producer】 Xinfu, Xingfa, Huachen

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Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance White powder Conform
IdentificationA:Infrared Absorption 197k B:A solution (1 in 20)responds to the tests for Calcium Concordant with the reference spectrum Conform to USP 30 Conform  Conform
Specific optical rotation +25.0°-+27.5° +26.35°
Alkalinity No pink color is produced within 5 seconds Conform
Loss on drying Not more than 5.0% 2.92%
Heavy metals Not more than 0.002% Conform
Ordinary impurities Not more than 1.0% Conform
Organic volatile impurities Meet the requirements Conform
Nitrogen content 5.7%-6.0% 5.73%
Content of calcium 8.2-8.6% 8.43%
Conclusion Conform to USP30

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