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【Application】Taurine is one kind of vegetable protein, it has the extremely widespread function in food, daily,energy beverages etc, 

CAS NO  107-35-7

【HS Code】:29211990

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  Testing Data                                        Standard
Characteristics   A white crystalline powder,odorless
Identification Positive Positive
Clarity and color of solution: pass test Clear and colorless
Chloride(CI)%       < 0.010% 0.010%max
Sulphate(SO4)%     < 0.010% 0.013%max
Ammonium Salt (NH4)%  < 0.02% 0.02%max
Heavy metals(Pb)   < 8.2ppm 20ppm max
Arsenic(As)   < 1.3ppm 2ppm max
Easily carbonizable substances Colorless No Color develops
Loss on drying %       < 0.08% 0.2%(105℃, 2 hours)max
Residue on ignition %   < 0.06% 0.1%max
Assay(anhydrous) % 99.5% minimum 99% min
Total plate count      < 65/g NMT 1000/g
Mold         < 10/g NMT 1000/g
Yeast         < 10/g NMT 1000/g
Coliforms Not Found Negative
Salmonella Not Found


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