Sorbitol 70%

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【Application】Sorbitol is made from glucose and is widely found in fruits and its content is about 1% to 2%. It is used as  Sweeteners and is comparable to glucose.

Type Liquid

【CAS No.】:50-70-4

【E No.】: E420

【HS Code】:29054400

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Type: Sweeteners, Other

Dry solids%(dry basis): 70.3

Moisture, %: 29.7

Ph value: 5.5

Dextrose ,%: 0.01

Total dextrose,%: 6.2

Residual after burning,%: 0.02

Heavy metal,%: <0.0005

Pb(base on pb),%: <0.0001

As (base on As),%: <0.0002

Form: liquid

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