Mannitol Powder

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【Application】Mannitol is a polyol (sugar alcohol) that is used as sugar substitute and it is about 60% as sweet as table sugar (sucrose). Mannitol is largely used as a humectant in many types of products to maintain moisture content  and it is used in the production of confectionery, baked goods and chocolate.

Type Powder

【CAS No.】:585-55-6

【E No.】: E421

【HS Code】:29054300

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Name Mannitol Price
Other Name Seminose
CAS No. 3458-28-4
EINECS No. 222-392-4
Assay 99%
Loss on drying ≤0.5%
Melting point 126℃-134℃
Specific rotation +14°- +15°
Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Molecular Formula C6H12O6
Molecular Weight 180.16

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